Barret sofa

Neo-salon style for this sofa with striking proportions and depth, a sumptuous, dramatic presence resting firmly on the floor. The inner structure is in wood, with soft goosedown padding for the back, seat and throw cushions. For a wide range of possible compositions, where the terminal chaise lounge element provides the ideal configuration. The grosgrain cushion borders reflect painstaking attention to detail. 


Roberto Lazzeroni

Designer (2012)

Born in Pisa, the town where he has chosen to live and work. His professional training is the result of studies – Art and Architecture in Florence. From the beginning he has always shown an interest both the phenomena of the world of conceptual...




From a small North Italian town renowned for its high quality furniture production, the Flexform brand is now instantly recognisable worldwide.

Flexform was an integral part of the innovative cultural era of Italian design and manufacture from the mid 20th century,...



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