Grandemare outdoor sofa

Dressed for the outdoors, the Grandemare sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio in 2011, is ready to furnish patios, terraces and porches with understated elegance. The Grandemare Outdoor seating system delivers all the practicality and comfort of an indoor upholstered sofa in an entirely outdoor version. 

A clustering of soft geometric shapes, all devoid of sharp corners, the Grandemare Outdoor sofa rests on a compact laminated platform, a state-of-the-art material ideally suited to outdoor settings.

In place of the traditional upholstered armrest, an element entirely made of solid iroko wood can serve as a convenient table top surface, with a useful compartment to store objects.

The Grandemare Outdoor seating system features the kind of modularity that encourages a vast array of possible arrangements and can be accessorized with its namesake coffee tables made of solid iroko slats and sleek metal alloy spacers.

In order to keep the Grandemare sofas in good condition and maintain them as close as possible to their original state, use of their respective waterproof covers is strongly recommended.


Antonio Citterio

Designer (2020)

Antonio Citterio, born 1950 in Meda, Italy, studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. In 1972 he began work as a designer and consultant in the field of industrial design, before joining Terry Dwan as a partner at Studio Citterio/Dwan from 1987-96. He held...




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