H dining chair

H.Chair is the comfortable and wrap-around chair by Christophe Pillet, consisting of a light tubular structure in chromed metal, on which lays a synthetic core. In the front part, the metallic structure supports a semi armrest, designed to contain the body and to help to get up, while in the rear part it remains visible, configuring an original sign resembling a belt. The functionality and comfort of the continuous design of the body, a soft curved shell that faithfully follows the human profile, make this project suitable for different uses, from a dining chair to a small easy chair for the living area. Available in leather and eco-leather in all colours of our collection.


Christophe Pillet


Born in 1959, Christophe Pillet has been living and working in Paris since 1988. He graduated from Nice’s Arts Décoratifs College in 1985 and became “Master of Domus Academy” in 1986. In 1993, he started to develop his activity independently. He engages in...




Since 1925 the Porro family manages a company supporting a unique furnishing philosophy, matching handicraft tradition of the time with the most modern advanced manufacturing and information technologies. The furnishing culture as family wealth, together with the diktats, production is based on, that is formal...