Hamptons outdoor sofa

The Hamptons sofa design fully maximizes the qualities of solid iroko, a warm, versatile type of wood whose exceptional outdoor performance makes it the material of choice for furnishings with timeless appeal.

The Hamptons sofa sits on aluminum feet that protect the wood structure from direct contact with the ground and humidity.

The wood bases, available in natural finish, stained grey or lacquered white finish, welcome roomy, generously padded cushions outlined with elegant grosgrain piping that can be crafted tone-on-tone or in a contrasting shade ‒ an elegant detail that epitomizes the firm Flexform commitment to fine tailoring, even in its outdoor products.

To achieve superlative comfort and provide optimal support for the back, the back cushions rest on large bolsters, creating a unique aesthetic effect.

The Hamptons seating system also includes a reclinable daybed that can stand alone or be integrated into various arrangements by means of fasteners that can easily be hooked and unhooked. For even more functional arrangements, stone-topped pieces can be included for use as table-top surfaces.

If left unused for lengthy periods of time, we recommend that the Hamptons seating be protected with their respective covers to keep them in top condition and maintain their original appearance as long as possible.

Most of the parts used in the Hamptons seating can be recycled.


Antonio Citterio


Antonio Citterio, born 1950 in Meda, Italy, studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. In 1972 he began work as a designer and consultant in the field of industrial design, before joining Terry Dwan as a partner at Studio Citterio/Dwan from 1987-96. He held...




Flexform is a family affair. Now in its third generation, Flexform was founded in the Brianza furniture manufacturing district in Northern Italy. The unique global phenomenon of Italian furniture design was born in the 1960s, right here.

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