Busnelli has produced high-quality seating for half a century. Combining precise production with modern design and humour very early on, Busnelli has through numerous projects contributed to the global reputation and renown of Italian design. Busnelli furniture is designed to create a clean and elegant living environment, with a combination of superior quality, breezy design and experimentation with volume. Since the beginning of the 1970s, its products have distinguished themselves by their youthful aesthetic language, and have come to symbolise the excellence of Italian design. In 1972, Busnelli moved to Misinto, in Brianza, where it built a factory using the most advanced technology and techniques. Research has been a fundamental cornerstone in its business history, through the Centro Studi & Ricerche (Study & Research Centre), which is a permanent hub of ideas and experiments. Consistently leading its industry, Busnelli is dedicated to producing upholstered furniture of high quality and design, signed with the silver mark.