Established in 1954, Zanotta is a leading exponent of Italian industrial design. Celebrated architects and designers have always been called in to create the products, among them Achille Castiglioni, Joe Colombo, Marco Zanuso, have been commissioned to create pieces and collections and today many of their pieces sit in museums around the world. Guided by its founder Aureilio Zanotta, the company gained fame due to its iconic products, which balance form with technological innovation. Diverse manufacturing technologies enable the advanced use of materials, inspiring the "Zanotta Edizioni" collection from 1989. Freed from the constraints of mass-production, the collection's articles are largely handmade. By revisiting Italy's artistic craft tradition, artisan techniques like mosaic, inlay and painted decorations are revived. The pieces in the "Zanotta Edizioni" are meant to be selected and loved as artworks. They are destined to enhance your home and appreciate in value over time.