Wallpaper* Design Awards 2021


The Ansel sofa, designed by architect Antonio Citterio for the Flexform Outdoor collection, received the prestigious  "2021 Wallpaper* Design Award for “Best Woodcraft” category.

Lissoni’s KN-collection


KN Collection for Knoll, designed by Piero Lissoni 

A seating collection of impeccable style, to make every moment a precious opportunity for complete relaxation, open interaction and the pleasure of socializing.

Full interview coming soon!!

20 years of Groundpiece – an interview with Antonio Citterio


20 years of Groundpiece – an interview with Antonio Citterio.

"When we made Groundpiece, it seemed to us that we were making a project with impressive content but that would not have sold because it was so simple, so non-traditional. But we made it anyway. Because it seemed exciting to us to experiment with this marriage between art and a cushion, which is not exactly the most obvious marriage. It’s called GROUNDPIECE because, there is a connection with the world of art. This was one of the most innovative pieces: it was a soft surface in the center of a space. We innovate; and this way of working of ours is what leads to extraordinary products“

500 around the world. Only 2 here in NZ


Wassily® Chair Bauhaus 100th Anniversary – Limited Edition
Designed by Marcel Breuer, 1925

To celebrate the anniversary of the Bauhaus, where Marcel Breuer was first a student and then a teacher, Knoll focuses on the iconic collections, creating a Bauhaus Limited Edition of the legendary Wassily® Chair. This version will be produced just in 500 pieces and will be offered with a sophisticated black finishing of the metal structure, certified and numbered to commemorate the centennial of the movement and the close ties with Knoll and the foundations of its inimitable design approach.

More than nine decades since its debut, the Wassily Chair has not lost any of its modernity and elegance: it is a timeless classic in the history of design.

New! Westside sofa


Jean-Marie Massaud (2019)

Westside is a multifunctional system that elegantly rewrites the experience of the living area. The padded modules come together to create the most diverse configurations – from the two-face island to the classic corner sofa – while the elements such as the ergonomic chaise longue, the movable backrest, and the coffee tables enrich its functionality. An archetype of conviviality to be experienced with maximum freedom.

Poltrona Frau - Milano 19


Poltrona Frau - Connecting Experiences. Connecting Experiences is the new concept of the Poltrona Frau collection at the 2019 Salone del Mobile. A strong design concept, almost provocative in a modern world characterized by fast, contradictory and fleeting stimulus, that often overlap and merge on the surface. With Connecting Experiences, Poltrona Frau underlines its vocation for developing lasting relationships between products and people. Relationships built on knowledge, culture, understanding and the ability to recognize and choose the things that best fit with our most intimate and authentic modus operandi. In a word, experience. A concept founded on time, commitment, passion. On the part of the company and its designers, who come from all over the world but are faithful to a design culture that explores new forms and territories while remaining loyal to the values of the brand. Or rather, that envisages products which never sacrifice comfort and functionality for pure design and which, above all, are able to coexist in perfect harmony, creating stylish contemporary environments where people will feel at home for years to come. Timeless items, like the reissues of great design classics. First and foremost the famous 1919 armchair, a Poltrona Frau icon with its classic forms and exquisite capitonné processing. The 2019 is released to celebrate its centenary. Roberto Lazzeroni worked together with the Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre to revisit its proportions and complete it with the Glenn footrest-bench to make it even more comfortable. Also new for this year is the reissue of the freestanding Turner swivel bookcase which, created by legendary architect and designer Gianfranco Frattini in 1963, is still a beacon of originality and innovation today. And what can we say about Billie and Dizzy, the rugs based on two original designs by ingenious Swiss graphic designer and artist Max Huber? The perfect balance between Bauhaus rigor and the syncopated rhythms of jazz, they exude modernity and compositional elegance. But Poltrona Frau is more than just historic reissues: the many original new products presented by the company remain faithful to the same philosophy. Like the Get Back seating system by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, a welcoming space painstakingly designed down to the finest of details and informal only in appearance. A haven of relaxation every evening. Or the Martha armchair by Roberto Lazzeroni which, with its open and sinuous lines, achieves the difficult task of combining comfort and lightness. In the Rips vase-sculpture by Carina Seth Andersson, the minimalism of the Nordic design merges harmoniously with the material lightness of the glass blown by Venetian masters. Meanwhile, new interpretations of contemporary luxury are expressed by GamFratesi’s Coupé, a bed which, as its name and aerodynamic lines suggest, pays homage to the classic padded elegance of the great sports cars. And by the Grant system of poufs, designed by Tristan Auer in different configurations, inspired by an ironic and faintly nostalgic blend of retro touches that evoke a stylistic and existential golden age. And it is this desire to create a lasting dialogue, a subtle and secret bond between people, spaces and things, that represents the true strength and uniqueness of Poltrona Frau. Connecting Experiences encapsulates this ability to combine personal experiences, cultures and interests and 

POLIFORM - Milano 19


At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Milano, Poliform presents its most recent concept of contemporary living, re-establishing itself as a brand that continues to research and experiment with new trends.

Spanning more than 1700 sq.m, our exhibition space is divided into two areas with a square-shaped access point: a place where visitors are welcome, life is lived and relationships flourish—the perfect introduction to the world of Poliform.

Intrinsically natural soft colors and refinement combine with the fluid and rounded architectural style, complete with experimental openings and layers, where a clear sense of dimension almost fades into obscurity. 
In this warm, enveloping atmosphere, the rooms follow one another, taking visitors on a stylistic journey through our comprehensive furniture exhibition.

These advanced solutions represent Poliform’s rasion d’etre: the ongoing pursuit of outstanding quality and stylish new trends.

Sculpture on the Gulf 2019


Studio Italia is proud to continue our support of Sculpture on the Gulf again in 2019 –  featuring new works by established and emerging New Zealand artists, this special Island experience will challenge and excite visitors to explore the sculptural works, the landscape and the hospitality Waiheke Island is renowned for here and abroad. Coastal walkways, award-winning vineyards, and golden beaches abound.


Studio Italia has a strong personal connection with Waiheke and to be able to support the local and arts community in one of the most unique and picturesque settings in New Zealand is amazing.


Studio Italia has teamed up with artist Shannon Novak to brighten up the showroom windows. Novak is one of 28 artists featured on the Sculpture on the Gulf trail. His main sculpture, ‘Active Core’, links to a series of satellite ‘Extension’ pieces – including this one! Look out for more of his artwork popping up around Waiheke and beyond, and follow @shannon_novak_ on Instagram to stay in the know.


Sculpture on the Gulf 1-24 March Waiheke Island

For more information visit

Flexform - Made in Italy


An identity of total Italian value. A totally Italian success story. A single country, Italy, where products are “thought & made.” A single production plant, in Meda, where everything is produced with the most local resources possible. Everything is Made in Italy, everything is Made in Meda.

“We have kept faith with our identity with tenacity and determination, and we have been able to make a name even in faraway lands. The interaction with different cultural models has undoubtedly enriched us, stimulating our desire to be open to new things. But our production philosophy has not been influenced. People love us because we are Made in Italy and because we offer products that are an alchemical distillate of elegance, comfort and aplomb. That is what is expected of us. And that is what we continue to give our clients, because it is in our DNA, and therefore comes effortlessly.”

“Flexform is a Made in Italy company also in the choice of the craftsmen who work on our production. Our sofas, our furnishings require great know-how, that “knowledge in the hands” that is required to make a product of such high manufacturing quality. The Brianza district in which we operate is a special territory for the world of furnishings, filled with specialized craftsmen who possess the necessary expertise, skills passed down from one generation to the next, making the products unique and inimitable.”

The safeguarding of Made in Italy also depends on the supply chain. Leather, fabrics, woods, metals, upholstery materials are selected with the most severe criteria. Since Flexform is world famous for its sofas with soft, large cushions, representing its stylistic signature, great care goes into the quality of the feathers and down they contain. These materials bring precious lightness, warmth and softness, and are of guaranteed, certified origin. The world wants Italian things. Italian design stands out for the lifestyle it suggests, for expertise and intellectual honesty. While the excellence of the products has to do with manufacturing quality, it is equally true that the great competitive advantage of Italy is beauty. And beauty generates beauty, as in the evolution of the Flexform collections. Beauty lasts in time and never goes out of style. This is the Italian style of Flexform. Light, measured, aimed at a market not driven by mere necessity, but by the desire an object is able to attract.

Vimini by Patricia Urquiola


The Vimini collection came about following a conversation we had about Nanna Ditzel and her Basket chair; apart from both being designed by women, we have much in common.

We called it Vimini because it means wicker in Italian and it sounds like Bimini, an island I like. We used just the right amount of outdoor wicker with a rougher wooden frame. It doesn't have the same modernist spirit as the Basket but it's familiar enough that, when you get close, it stirs a memory and makes you feel at home. That's what it was, more or less—an object of memory.