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Great outdoor furniture not only brings comfort, purpose and functionality to your outdoor spaces but it is also the perfect chance to inject some personal style into the alfresco areas of your home. Outdoor spaces should offer the perfect balance between relaxation and entertainment and our handpicked selection from

Flexform, Varaschin, Kettal and Knoll can offer just that.


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What happens when Poliform design crosses paths with a master of contemporary photography? When two universes, two languages, two visions of the world – on the one hand, that of a company accustomed to working with physical matter, on the other, that of an artist who writes with light? It turns out that objects have a soul, and that photography is able to grasp it. The encounter between Poliform and Paolo Roversi resulted in a series of images that, in turn, depict encounters between models and design objects. Portraits of a woman and a piece of furniture that coexist in space, in an intimacy that has the appearance of a dream.

Archibald. Filipe x Poltrona Frua


Poltrona Frau celebrates its 110th anniversary with a special collaboration with mark-making artist Felipe Pantone for a truly unique and exclusive armchair.

On its 110'h anniversary, historic design brand Poltrona Frau has chosen to partner with a contemporary mark-making artist on an exclusive limited-edition collaboration. Argentine -Spanish artist Felipe Pantone has completely reinvented the Archibald armchair, one of the brand’s most iconic models, in the style of his boundary-pushing art.


“An important purpose of this anniversary collaboration is to shift  Poltrona  Frau’s perspective towards the future —  not only in terms of our first collaboration with an international artist of this nature — but also on the theme of environmental protection. The armchair is made with the innovative Impact Less leather that we have developed to further reduce the toll on the environment. we have created a leather that, in addition to prioritizing sustainability, which has always distinguished Pelle Fraud, is now even more respectful of the planet in a unique limited edition armchair." Nicola C oropulis , CE0 Poltrona Frau, declares.



We celebrate 110 years of true evolution through our cultural and manufacturing heritage, our current designs and a vision of a sustainable future.

The 110th anniversary underlines the solidity of our company, which was recognized by the government as a Historic Brand of National Interest in 2021.

It is no accident that the slogan celebrating the 110th anniversary is written as 100+10. While the first century of our history earned us a reputation for the highest quality craftsmanship, research into leather as the material of choice, and an ability to translate the needs of the greatest architects in the world into the most significant international public space projects, the last 10 years have demonstrated a consistent path towards an entrepreneurial vision based on design, lifestyle and sustainability.

In the last ten years, our three business units have shown continuous research and the mutual transfer of skills, dealing with an increasingly challenging demand for “made to measure”.

We launched over 200 products in the last decade, part of an offering for the home, from indoor to outdoor, contract furnishings, and strategic collaborations. Numbers that testify not only to the fervent creativity that animates product development, but also to the new positioning of Poltrona Frau as more than a furniture company, rather a creator of lifestyles.

This extraordinary last decade has also led to significant growth in human resources and global retail, and to a determined commitment to the digital transformation with an e-commerce and a widespread presence on social networks. We also worked to integrate the physical experience of the stores with digital experiences, like with virtual tours and digital platforms to launch our newest products.

And we just began.




This book features a selection of design projects from around the world, a visual narrative that invites us to discover how Flexform products, designed and produced in Italy, feel at ease in the most diverse settings, whether in private homes, hotels or on yachts, all with understated elegance at their core.

The incredible versatility of the Flexform collection is apparent in the variety of design projects it encompasses. It guides us to a dimension where beauty prevails and helps us to understand how a design object can aspire to becoming a classic, untouched by time and fleeting fashions.

The book illustrates how architects and interior designers interpret the Flexform collection, masterfully combining shapes, colors, materials and textures ‒ arranging them in settings that radiate an aura of tasteful sophistication and amazing comfort.

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The Mate magazine holder and the Echoes Outdoor armchair – both designed by Christophe Pillet – earned the coveted Wallpaper* Design Award 2022, respectively, in the “Best Flashback” and “Best Outdoor Living” categories. The undeniably prestigious award is conferred by the influential British magazine in acknowledgement of the outstanding qualities embodied by these two products among the vast array of design objects produced last year.

Wallpaper* Design Awards 2021


The Ansel sofa, designed by architect Antonio Citterio for the Flexform Outdoor collection, received the prestigious  "2021 Wallpaper* Design Award for “Best Woodcraft” category.

Lissoni’s KN-collection


KN Collection for Knoll, designed by Piero Lissoni 

A seating collection of impeccable style, to make every moment a precious opportunity for complete relaxation, open interaction and the pleasure of socializing.

Full interview coming soon!!

20 years of Groundpiece – an interview with Antonio Citterio


20 years of Groundpiece – an interview with Antonio Citterio.

"When we made Groundpiece, it seemed to us that we were making a project with impressive content but that would not have sold because it was so simple, so non-traditional. But we made it anyway. Because it seemed exciting to us to experiment with this marriage between art and a cushion, which is not exactly the most obvious marriage. It’s called GROUNDPIECE because, there is a connection with the world of art. This was one of the most innovative pieces: it was a soft surface in the center of a space. We innovate; and this way of working of ours is what leads to extraordinary products“

500 around the world. Only 2 here in NZ


Wassily® Chair Bauhaus 100th Anniversary – Limited Edition
Designed by Marcel Breuer, 1925

To celebrate the anniversary of the Bauhaus, where Marcel Breuer was first a student and then a teacher, Knoll focuses on the iconic collections, creating a Bauhaus Limited Edition of the legendary Wassily® Chair. This version will be produced just in 500 pieces and will be offered with a sophisticated black finishing of the metal structure, certified and numbered to commemorate the centennial of the movement and the close ties with Knoll and the foundations of its inimitable design approach.

More than nine decades since its debut, the Wassily Chair has not lost any of its modernity and elegance: it is a timeless classic in the history of design.