All of our brands represent an innate, enduring style, not driven by the whims of disposable fashion. These are heirloom pieces that can live in your home for many years, perhaps even generations. Sometimes such furniture costs more. But beautiful, durable and practical design will repay its owner many times over. And buying well costs the environment much less. Studio Italia has looked at ways to make our own business more sustainable.

– We recycle all packaging and carefully consider the most sustainable packaging options on any items we send

– We think twice before printing anything. This website is itself a conscious effort to reduce our printed collateral by displaying our range in a digital format

– We understand that the shipping of products has an impact and minimise this by only shipping full containers and sea freighting our stock

Our brands are also committed to developing sustainable practices in their systems, design and production.



Social responsibility is fundamental to the Poliform Group. The company values sustainable design, in an approach that merges technological innovation with respect for natural resources.

– Products are made with minimum formaldehyde content and emissions

– Paint contains neither heavy metals nor Class I and Class II solvents – meeting European standards

– The company avoids wood from protected tropical forests

– Packaging is produced without glue to aid dismantling, reclamation and recycling

– Digital data storage saves around two million sheets of paper annually

– Waste products from manufacturing are reclaimed, resulting in less waste put into circulation and reduced fuel consumption

– Wood is sourced through Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers

– Brochures are also made with paper stocks from certified forests