Angelo M dining table

The design Angelo M is the essence of a round or oval table in natural stone, it features a sculptural form, sturdy material, an elegant line and a refined finish. Two elements, table base and top, form one whole together. The bottom is one running curve from table foot to edge. The conical connection creates a stable whole.


To show the marble in its most expressive character, different finishes are possible (polished, honed, brushed, striped, sandblasted & brushed). The basic collection consists of nine different types of marble and different sizes. On request this design can be executed in almost any type of marble and on measure.


This table is perfectly suitable in a housing, retail or office environment. As the table is supported by one central foot it creates a lot of flexibility in seating. For outdoor use we recommend the sandblasted finish with adjusted impregnating agent, resistant against all weather conditions.




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