Insula sofa

The Insula modular sofa is Patricia Urquiola’s updated take on the traditional seating found in Arab majlis, where community members gathered to discuss events and local matters, receive and entertain guests and friends.
It takes the form of a low, rational modular sofa in smooth shapes with a roll backrest, serving as the design focal point which accentuates the horizontal. It combines carefully balanced proportions as an architectural element that can be subtly integrated.

In function, like the original majlis, the Insula sofa’s main purpose is for socialising. Its many configurations mean it can be adapted to all types of social gatherings, both indoors and outdoors: from an office reception area, providing a relaxing workspace, to the home where you can wind down or outdoors for sunbathing and having fun..


Patricia Urquiola

Designer (2024)

Spanish architect based in Milan, she stands out for the original designs of objects and furniture that she produces for the best and most important international firms. The designer of some of the most emblematic pieces in the current range, she created the Maia...




Kettal is a global industry leader with almost 50 years of experience in bringing stylish contemporary outdoor furniture to discerning customers. The Spanish company is well known for developing award-winning collections in close collaboration with leading contemporary designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Marcel Wanders,...