Ponti console

Inspired by the elegant aesthetics of the bridges, but also from the famous works of the great Milanese architect and designer of the same name, we tried to create a desk with clear lines, clean and structural at the same time very rigid and square.

The desk bridges has been carefully proportioned. The work space when sitting is enough and it is also perfect for inserting in situations where space is tight.


Claesson Koivisto Rune

Designer (2010)

The swedish design partnership Claesson Koivisto Rune was founded in 1995 as an architectural office but is, in the classic Scandinavian way multi-disciplinary, which means that both architecture and design is practised.

Completed architectural projects include: Sfera Building culture house in Kyoto, the...




In 1947 Carlo Barassi, engineer of Pirelli, together with Renato Teani, in the financial dpt. of Pirelli, Pio Reggiani and Aldo Bai, founded the company Ar-flex (flexible furniture), that became later Arflex. They worked together with a young...