Ren Mirror

The Ren furnishing accessory collection is the result of studies of the home entryway by Neri & Hu. This collection showcases the nature of the domestic throughway, with a series of objects that are hybrid in their function and materials and it comprises of free-standing mirror coat rack, small table, console table, wall-mounted mirror coat rack and valet stand. Each product of the collection is in wood, brass and leather and are refined in the  manufacture and shape, welcoming the guests with the undistinguishable elegance of Poltrona Frau. For each side of these accessories, Neri & Hu has copied the shape of the Chinese ideogram “ren”, which means “person, human being”. This collection provides  a personal and a private feel  thanks to  its minimalist design, details and accessories. All the items can also be used in different rooms of the home, from living areas to bedrooms, bathrooms or even studies. Ren Collection has been designed to complete the look of the living space with a discrete and comfortable approach. Each complementary furnishing unit features a different combination of similar elements. The supporting frame is in solid Canaletto walnut. All the flat surfaces are in birch plywood covered in Saddle Extra leather, with the sides finished in Canaletto walnut veneer. The brass parts have been given a protective clear matt surface treatment. The mirrors are characterised by a brass frame covered in Saddle Extra leather and the back in birch plywood with Canaletto walnut veneer Mirrors and trays hang from the upper crosspiece of the frame on an elegant hook in brushed steel with a brass-finish galvanic treatment. The console table has a lift-up top entirely covered in Saddle Extra leather both inside and outside. The round mirror and key tray make this piece of furniture even more functional. The valet stand has a bottom shelf and hanger for clothes in birch plywood with Canaletto walnut veneer and Saddle Extra leather-covered edge. Hanger and key tray hang from the upper crosspiece, creating an elegant effect of suspended weights and equilibrium.  The small table has a round top in birch plywood with Canaletto walnut veneer in the shape of a tray, its brass edge and base covered in Saddle leather. The upper crosspiece acts as a carry handle, making it easy to move from one room to another. The free-standing mirror coat rack has a shelf, oval mirror and two coat hooks in brushed steel, with brass-finish galvanic treatment.The supporting structure for the wall-mounted mirror clothes rack is in solid Canaletto walnut wood bar on which the various accessories are hung: two brushed steel coat hooks, with brass-finish galvanic treatment, a round mirror and a key tray. 

The magazine rack is a sheet of Cuoio Saddle Extra leather attached to the upper wooden crosspiece by two brushed steel bars with brass finish, to become an elegant and tactile container.


The table mirror consists of a round element (310 mm in diameter) supported by two lateral uprights and two crosspieces. The internal surface of the mirror frame, upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather, is decorated with a brass band.