Smart Home Diffuser

Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma, two companies synonymous with consummate Italian craftsmanship and luxury, have combined their expertise to create the Car Diffuser. Designed by the award-winning GamFratesi duo, the Car Diffuser is upholstered by a case in fine Pelle Frau® leather, designed to meet all the resistance and safety requirements of the automotive sector.

Straightforward and intuitive in terms of both its function and assembly, the  Car Diffuser is easily attached to the car’s air vent using a specific magnetic support. By switching it “On” and activating the ventilation system, the air passes through the scented refill and disburses the fragrance throughout the car. The Car Diffuser uses solid fragrances enclosed in special “pearls”, which are in turn contained in the refills. These are interchangeable at any time. They can be purchased separately to cater for personal taste, depending on the journey or the moment: you can choose your favourite scent from among the classic Acqua di Parma fragrances or go for the special Milano essence, created exclusively for Poltrona Frau.
The case is available in the colours yellow, dark grey and brown, designed to harmoniously match the grey body interior. The "Acqua di Parma meets Poltrona Frau" logo features at the centre of the diffuser.

Packaging: Round hat box lined internally and externally with Giallo Acqua di Parma card and paper. Diameter approx. 105 mm for a height of approx. 85 mm.


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