Artex kitchen

Artex is the ultimate kitchen solution for the most exclusive settings. Large surfaces and streamlined volumes highlight the role of the prestige materials – enhanced by the elegant lines of the doors, available in smooth or slatted versions. The distinctive tapering on the opening, side and top creates a perfect interface between the elements, combining ease of opening with impeccable aesthetic appeal. Artex is one of Poliform’s iconic models, featuring a contemporary spirit that is constantly renewed and enhanced by the finishes. Indeed, the smooth door version of this kitchen offers the greatest variety of finishes, including the most refined ones such as solid Canaletto walnut, solid swamp oak, DuPont Corian® glacier white, scotch brite steel and glass.




Poliform stands at the forefront of the global furniture industry, renowned for its trailblazing journey towards excellence. With a steadfast commitment to quality, Poliform continuously evolves its product lines to harmonize with contemporary lifestyle trends.

The Poliform collection offers an extensive and...